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Philanthropy Services

Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money, time and talents to good causes

A distinction can be made between philanthropy and charity. Charity often refers to short-term relief, while philanthropy is normally applied to long term investment through investigating and reforming underlying causes to issues.

A new wave of Philanthropists are emerging and engaging with BBCCF. We work with our 21st Century Philanthropists who require advice, strategic thinking, education and tailor-made strategies for their giving. Like Philanthropists of the past they want to engage with communities, be pro-active, see the impact, build relationships and take advantage of opportunities.

Philanthropy has traditionally been about wealthy individuals and families taking up the challenges in their local communities but now, joining our philanthropists of today are Corporates and Small Businesses. They want to further develop their Corporate Social Responsibility; be strategic and transformational about their giving and are getting their staff involved; aligning their local financial giving and voluntary activities to their business strategies.

In this time of austerity and spending cuts more people understand that through efficient and effective support, root causes of social issues can be tackled locally, sustainability in the voluntary and community sector be secured and new ways of funding social enterprise can be developed.

BBCCF supports donors by advising them on how to find the right strategy for their giving as well as helping donors and their charitable trusts with their grantmaking. BBCCF manage funds donated by individuals, families and organisations, building endowment and acting as the vital link between donors and local needs, connecting people with causes - enabling them to achieve far more than they ever could by themselves.

By giving through BBCCF clients benefit from a range of opportunities to meet donors in their area, and reach people and projects that they might not have been able to find if they were managing their giving alone.

Key principles of effective philanthropic giving:

  1. Give responsibly. Be knowledgeable about the causes and organisations you are supporting
  2. Understand the impact of your giving. Be confident that you are achieving your objectives.
  3. Seek good advice. Seek experienced advice on your giving programme and on individual investments.

We are here to help you; if you would like to find out more about how you can help local people who are finding solutions to the issues that you care about please contact us on:

Tel: 0121 322 5560
Email: team@bbccf.org.uk

Philanthropy is private action for the public good; it is a Greek term which directly translated means "love of mankind"


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To find out more, please contact us on:

Tel: 0121 322 5560
Email: team@bbccf.org.uk

Call now to discuss how you can help local people who are finding solutions to the issues that you care about.